School Programs, Company Socials, Showers & Receptions

The template below provides maximum flexibility for you- from budget to types of items made. Be sure to click the tabs on other activities to see what non-Chocolate making items are offered. Remember, we absolutely prefer to customize to your needs so browse through the template with that in mind. Call us today at (914)246-2684 to design and schedule your Chocolate Making Workshop!

Planning Your Event

Decorate or Make

Decorating- items are pre-made, ideal for larger numbers and efficiency

Making- participants make the item, more time consuming as item must solidify

Big or Small

Small decorating items- lollipops & medallions

Big decorating items- bars & molds

Small making items- marshmallows, oreo cookies, pretzel twists & rods

Big making items- molds & bars, chocolate pizza

Small items- $5-10 per person

Big items- $10-20 per person

How Many Activities

Make it, Take it- 1 small item, most ideal as a drop-in with other activities (i.e. fair/carnival) $5-10/person

Double Feature- 1 small + 1 big item $20-25/person

Three's a Charm- 2 small + 1 big item $30-40/person


Workshop or Drop-in?

Workshops are sequenced, moving through the chocolate making activities efficiently. Length of workshop depends on number of activities and participants. Pricing is generally a pre-determined per person total.

Drop-in is a fixed amount of time, ranging from one hour to 7 hours. Time can be split into blocks to allow to break larger groups down, or set up like a booth at a fair allowing for general usage. Pricing is generally per person figure determined after event

Scout Troops

Scout troops can gain their entrepreneurial badge via presentation with Q&A on how our business came to be, how we initiated change when we bought the existing business and pivoted during the pandemic.

These options are based on the experiences of being a small business owner and a former college administrator who facilitated leadership development programming.

Other Info

For companies and schools, we offer teambuilding activities that foster interpersonal communication and problem solving skills in a fun and social way.

These options are based on the experiences of being a small business owner and a former college administator who facilitated leadership development programming.