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Chocolate Works Scarsdale

Design Your Own

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Think of it as a blank palette, because it is!

Base starting price is $100.

Select from the choco-centric activities from the other options or suggest your own! You want to make an ice cream sundae and have a chocolate fountain for the kiddos to dip treats-- we can do that.

Choco-deco option possibilities include...

1.  Themed molds

2.  Chocolate pizza

3. Fruit slices (apples, pineapple, strawberries)

4. Ladybug or butterfly (dipped pretzels and oreos)

5.  Ice cream sundaes

6.  Lollipops 

7.  Chocolate bars (small, medium or large sized)

8. ????? Suggest Something ?????


Choco-treat option possibilities include...

1. Dipped marshmallows, Oreo cookies and pretzels

2. Chocolate fountain (marshmallows, pretzels bananas and strawberries)


Cost is constructed once all details are set. Base cost starts at $100.

We follow all health and safety protocols. Length of activity depends on number of participants. Call today at (914)713-8879 to design and schedule your Chocolatier Mobile Event!

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Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.