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Design Your Own

Design Your Own

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Think of it as a blank palette, because it is!

Step 1: How many chocolate making activities?

Small & simple to big & detailed...  the type of activity is best dictated by the amount of people participating and time alloted.

Small & simple are "make it, take it". They solidify quickly (usually 10-15 minutes) and larger number of participants can complete this in a given time frame (usually less than 2 minutes per person).

Big & detailed as the name implies are larger in mass and more time consuming both to solidify upon completion (20-30 minutes) and to actually make (5-10 minutes).

Our most popular package combines a small & simple with a big & bulky, as it permits eating the smaller treat while the larger item solidifies.

Step 2: Activities available 

Small & simple- dip an item and decorate it with candies. Items to choose from: marshmallow, oreo cookie, pretzel twist, or pretzel rod.

Big & bulky- Make a decorate an item with candies. Items include: lollipops, medallions, chocolate bars, creative molds, fruit slices, ice cream sundaes, ladybug/butterfly (oreo + pretzel), s'more (graham cracker + marshmallow), the chocolate pizza, or anything you can think of- suggest something.


Cost is constructed once all details are set. Small & simple generally run $5-10 and big & bulky $10-25 per person. Minimum charge is $100.

We follow all health and safety protocols. Call today at (914)713-8879 to design and schedule your Chocolatier Traveling Workshop!

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Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

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They're Baaacccckk!!!

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